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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wife sets husband on fire for molesting 7-year-old daughter

RENTON, Wash. – The video shows a man running into a Washington state convenience store screaming “I’m on fire!” and “Help me!”
The video was recorded minutes after Vincent Phillips’ wife dosed him with gasoline and set him on fire while he slept, according to a report onKOMONews.com.
She told police she set Philips, 52, on fire because he hurt her seven-year-old daughter. The child is his step daughter. Police recommended Philips be charged with first-degree child molestation once he recovers from the July 17 incident.
Phillips suffered severe burns.
When asked why she did it, his wife said shooting him “was too nice.”
His wife, 40-year-old Tatanysha Hedman, was jailed on assault and arson charges.

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