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Thursday, December 22, 2011

WANTED: Isaac & Dusty Joles- Robbing Elderly


Isaac Joles will contact an elderly victim, and ask to do roof repairs that are not needed, he will then have his brother Dusty Joles segregate the victim to another room while he steals property from the victims.

Joles,Dusty 2-1-78.jpgNAME:        Dusty Joles
RACE:         White
SEX:             Male
D.O.B.:         02-01-78
HGT/WGT: 5’10”/190 LBS.
ADDRESS:  5808 Knight St Pine Bluff,AR

Dusty Joles has active Fail To Appear warrants stemming from Burglary, and Theft charges relating to stealing from the elderly.  Joles was charged and arrested with similar charges in Tulsa,Oklahoma, and made bail on those charges.  Joles has subsequently failed to appear on all original charges.  Joles may be returning to the White Hall, Pine Bluff area. He is known to frequent the Little Rock area.

 Pulaski County, FTA
Faulkner County, FTA
Osage County Oklahoma, Fraud/Swindle

NAME:        Isaac Louie Joles
RACE:         White
SEX:             Male
D.O.B.:         08-26-74
HGT/WGT: 5’5”/225 LBS.
ADDRESS:  5808 Knight St Pine Bluff, AR

Isaac Joles has active warrants for scamming elderly people out of several thousands of dollars. Joles will contact a victim, and ask to do roof repairs that are not needed, he will then have his brother Dusty Joles segregate the victim to another room while he steals other property from the victims.  Joles is a passenger in Dusty Joles’ 2009 or newer Red Chevy Silverado 4 dr, bearing unknown Arkansas LPN.


VEHICLE: Both suspects may be in a 2009 –2011 RED CHEVY SILVERADO 4 DR. UNK  AR LPN

Anyone knowing of these two suspects location should contact LRPD Larceny Detectives at 371-4660.

Please take the time to talk to your elderly family members about people who may come to their house and ask to do work.
 The following are tips to help prevent elderly people from becoming victims of suspects like these.

Never open the door to someone you do not know or has proper identification to prove who they are and who they represent.

 ever agree to allow someone to do work at your house that you have not contacted for the repair.

Never give your personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and Drivers License numbers to anyone that calls you on the phone.

Have elderly family members call the police if anyone they think is suspicious comes to their residence.

Check on your family members regularly and ask if they have been contacted by anyone regarding their house or bank accounts.

Report all crime to police as soon as possible.

Lt.Terry Hastings
Little Rock Police Department

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