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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LRPD vehicle causes three-car accident on Main & 17th?

Photo taken by Corruption Sucks Blog. 
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One victim in this three car collision
 Last updated: Weds. April 6, 2011 8:14am CST

UPDATE: Additional witnesses were located, one behind the car that was initially hit.  According to LRPD Lt. Terry Hastings, three witnesses have sided with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputy, Lt. Cody Burk and stated that the LRPD Police vehicle definitively had a green light.  

Lt. Hastings further went on to state that the dash cam was reviewed after witness accounts and confirmed the fact that the officer did proceed through a green light.   "I hope this fellows injuries are not serious, it was an unfortunate accident." Lt. Hastings stated that dash cam video will be released upon completion of investigation.

Details are still coming in and we are on it. Some witnesses claim cop was on the phone and caused the accident. Pulaski County Sheriff witness claims that the cop was in the right.  We will find out, that's for sure.  Stay tuned in to Corruption Sucks Blog, we tell the truth, like or not. Notice the baby carrier in the Pulaski County Sheriff vehicle waiting for the ambulance? 

The victim up above states that Lt. Burk of Pulaski County Sheriff's showed-up late and didn't see everything.  I happen to know that the deputy did show-up rather soon after the collision-how soon? Can't say- yet.

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