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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An hour in the life of Corruption Sucks Blog: hits by country

418 Hits 83.60%United StatesUnited States Flag

12 Hits 2.40%IsraelIsrael Flag

9 Hits 1.80%NetherlandsNetherlands Flag

6 Hits 1.20%GermanyGermany Flag

6 Hits 1.20%FranceFrance Flag

6 Hits 1.20%United KingdomUnited Kingdom Flag

6 Hits 1.20%SerbiaSerbia Flag

6 Hits 1.20%New ZealandNew Zealand Flag

6 Hits 1.20%CanadaCanada Flag

3 Hits 0.60%MoroccoMorocco Flag

3 Hits 0.60%AustraliaAustralia Flag

3 Hits 0.60%SpainSpain Flag

3 Hits 0.60%TurkeyTurkey Flag

3 Hits 0.60%Palestinian TerritoryPalestinian Territory Flag

3 Hits 0.60%PolandPoland Flag

3 Hits 0.60%IndiaIndia Flag

3 Hits 0.60%JapanJapan Flag

1 Hit 0.20%IndonesiaIndonesia Flag

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