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Saturday, December 4, 2010


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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
True colors, we are seeing them now.  Those still trying to peddle the Wikileaks myth, the boyish grin concealing the powerful conspiracy, espionage and treason at the highest levels of American society, these are the real enemies of the information age.
There are two opinions of Wikileaks.  The worlds intelligence services all, every single one, believes Wikileaks is simply an intelligence agency playing games.  They say this to each other, Vladimir Putin and  Zbigniew Brzezinski have announced it to the world and others are following suit. 
Nobody, at least nobody typically “answerable” will say the word “Israel” but it is what they mean when they say “intelligence agency.”  They mean Israel.  Every Wikileak does something to help Israel in a different way at a different time.  If Israel has a problem, a Wikileak is there, part of the solution.  This time, Secretary Clinton was in the way and Wikileaks showed up to gut the State Department and give Israel the usual “buff and polish” job they usually do.
There is another group, not a group that actually believes Wikileaks is real, few but the “Joe Six-Pack” crowd buys that, but a group that loves Wikileaks like an addict loves a fix.  The press loves Wikileaks.  I even love Wikileaks.  Wikileaks is pushing readership through the roof, not just America but worldwide.  Wikileaks is a news marketing phenomenon like any disaster.  There is a reason the media are compared to vultures and hyenas.
Killing Wikileaks as the hoax it is, and not a harmless hoax, not by a long shot, is like killing the golden goose.  Wikileaks sells news, pulls up website traffic to unimaginable levels, even crashes servers from overload.  There isn’t just one story, teaching the world how bad America is, there is also the daytime TV drama, the soap opera of Julian Assange.
I wonder when the public will pick up on the endless stream of carefully posed, carefully staged photos.  Just imagine meeting Assange, hiding from Interpol, running for his life, the CIA hunting him down, angry “date rape’ victims lurking the streets of London and Amsterdam.  He always has time for the media, never misses an interview.
“Julian, look to the side, leer a bit…look threatening.  OK, another one, this time …softer…something the gay community will like.  OK, that was great.”
Wikileaks would be funny if it weren’t getting people killed, something almost everyone agrees on.  Those with a powerful desire to “buy in,” the disaffected, the overt and “closet” America haters and, most of all, the bored.  Wikileaks is perfect for people with nothing to do, nothing to talk about and absolutely no knowledge about foreign policy or defense.  There is something for everyone in Wikileaks, rape, gay sex, car chases, everything but truth.


Why call Wikileaks a hoax?  Many have now pointed out that some things don’t make sense, that selected very nasty information seems to have been dug out, all “one sided,” and very much not simple “leaks.”  Wikileaks is propaganda sold as truth.  Are the things in Wikileaks lies?  Here is a good analogy for Wikileaks:
There are three houses on a street for sale.  One man, a neighbor down the block, puts up a website claiming a murderer and child rapist lives on the street.  The website is correct, as are Wikileaks, there is a murderer and child rapist living on the street, but as we might guess, this isn’t the entire story.
Property values plummet.  More homes go up for sale.  Nobody will buy there and those who are there all want to leave. 
The three houses go into foreclosure and more on the way.  The man who puts up the website buys them for half their value, the families who owned them are now living in a public shelter for the homeless.
What the website doesn’t say is that the person who put it up is the murder and child rapist.  Welcome to Wikileaks and “warfare through deception.”


We are supposed to believe that Julian Assange and Bradley Manning have outwitted the FBI, made fools of them.  Ann Coulter is beating that drum, part of her crusade against gays in general.  What’s not to hate?  Seldom overweight, nicely dressed, financially successful, better educated than most, certainly not a demographic that would appeal to Ann Coulter, hardly the kind of Americans she caters to.
Selling the “Bradley Manning” myth, that accused serial rapist Assange’s “gay lover” looted the Pentagon of its least vital secrets, bringing America’s evil Fascist dictatorship to its knees….the myth.  There is also the minor problem that Manning was in jail when the other leaks occurred.  The excuse given, Assange has been sitting on the information for months, simply doesn’t hold water.
Judy Woodruff of PBS, while interviewing former national security advisors  Zbigniew Brzezinski and Stephen Hadley, made an attempt to sell the Bradley Manning myth.  Watch Brzezinski and Hadley shut her down like an alarm clock stuck on a “rap” station:
JUDY WOODRUFF: But a lot of these documents have been in the hands — haven’t they been in the hands of WikiLeaks for some time?
ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: We don’t know that for a fact.
JUDY WOODRUFF: … because of — because of this private who is in jail and accused, Army private?
STEPHEN HADLEY: We don’t know it!
Publicly, the FBI is silent, choosing ignominy and survival.  Highly placed sources indicate the AIPAC spy scandal, now shoved under the rug,  was 10 times the extent of the infamous Pollard affair.  We are told there is solid evidence of widespread espionage extending to the highest levels of, not only Defense but the Executive branch as well.  Arrest warrants were being prepared for more than several Bush officials and several currently serving President Obama.  With two presidents being blackmailed because their administrations had been totally penetrated by spies, the FBI was called off.
Grant Smith discusses the Rosen v. AIPAC lawsuit that threatens to bring Washington to its knees with an espionage scandal of unimagined proportions:
Steven J. Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is now entering a critical phase. A series of cross-filings stakes out the critical court terrain. Rosen intends to show that obtaining and leveraging classified U.S. government information in the service of Israel is common practice at AIPAC. He claims it was unfair for AIPAC to fire and malign him in the press after he was indicted on espionage charges in 2005.
On March 2, 2009, Rosen filed the civil lawsuit against his former employer, directors, and an outside public relations firm for libel and slander. Rosen, AIPAC’s former foreign policy chief, seeks $5 million in damages from AIPAC, and punitive damages of $500,000 from each former board member, for a total claim of $21 million. AIPAC made statements to the news media Rosen believes were “knowingly false and defamatory and issued in reckless disregard.” AIPAC fired Rosen and fellow employee Keith Weissman after they were criminally indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act in 2005. Both were caught up in an FBI sting operation receiving classified information from Department of Defense employee Col. Lawrence Franklin, who pled guilty and turned state’s witness.
Rosen’s legal counsel David H. Shapiro gruffly advised AIPAC’s attorney Thomas L. McCally that he would be seeking “serious discovery” on Rosen’s behalf during a status hearing on June 5, 2009. It is this sort of public intrusion guided by knowledgeable insiders, following already devastating FBI raids, that AIPAC probably wants to avoid at all costs.
Ironically, Rosen’s civil lawsuit, like the failed government prosecution, hinges on proving thatcirculating classified information is common practice inside AIPAC.
What FBI insiders have alluded to is that the the case should have been allowed to follow the investigation which had led, not just to a vast Israeli spy ring operating through AIPAC but to falsifying the intelligence reports used to justify the ill fated US invasion of, not only Iraq but Afghanistan.  Sources indicate that Wikileaks is seen as an attempt to duplicate the espionage and treason of 2001 and 2003, but this time aimed at Iran.


There is little doubt that the primary purpose of Wikileaks has always been to clear the way for an attack on Iran.  If one ignores what Zbigniew Brzezniski calls “seeding” with “pointed intelligence,” what he says is proof Wikileaks is an intelligence operation, the Wikileaks saga can be appreciated for drama alone.  Would anyone be surprised to see Assange on Skating with the Stars? After all, Bristol Palin had a very successful season on Dancing with the Stars and Assange may actually be a less controversial figure.
Is Julian Assange going to be arrested and sentenced to counseling for sex addition?  Can anyone imagine Assange making a public apology?  That would be worth staying up late for.
Anyone in the industry recognizes a few basic things about Assange.  Everything is staged, everything is managed.  Anyone who doesn’t see the handiwork of a professional publicist and agent, the “personal assistant,” the body guards and all the other trappings of Britney or Lindsay, is, well, part of the act themselves. Assange is just a shill, a “carny.”  Britney deserves better than the comparison.


Calling Wikileaks a simple hoax is a kindness.  Maybe we can call 9/11 a hoax also.  Will the families of the dead feel any better? History will prove Wikileaks, 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the mindless and seemingly eternal fiasco of Afghanistan are all acts in the same play, certainly a tragedy but hardly Shakespearean.
Bradley Manning isn’t the “Wikileaker,” not by a long shot.  If the FBI’s assertions about AIPAC are correct and there is no reason to believe otherwise, Wikileaks could easily be the small army of “dual citizens,” the only possible suspects.  There is no other group able to silence and shelve the FBI, able to pull documents out of databases at Defense, State, foreign embassies.  The sad attempts to blame Manning or the Chinese, certainly victims of the recent revelations, are acts of desperation.
Wikileaks the hoax isn’t an area for rumination.  You accept the fact or show your colors, red white and blue or blue and white.
That time is here, the debates are long over.  Assange a hero?  Assange a victim?  Where you see those questions, look behind them.  You will see the smiling face of treason, not for the first time.
stevor says:
You said, “bringing America’s evil Fascist dictatorship to its knees….the myth” So, the CIA, the Mossad, and Soros WANT people to consider the USA to be a fascist dictatorship? Why would they want that?
From what I’ve seen, these same folks are doing just that, TRYING to turn the USA to a “fascist dictatorship” (New World Order). If they rail against that, they are gathering people against their own goal!
  • Gordon Duff says:
    I am supposed to be the conspiracy guy.
    • stevor says:
      I guess you didn’t read that article that I sent you about the CIA, Mossad & Soros being behind it. You had the article listed, though.
    • Captain Howdy says:
    • fixtheticket says:
      • onion says:
        Most definatly and so is Hillary Clinton a spokesperson for them. The entire Elected officials are on the take from more than Wall street. What kind of idiot would ask a question like that when Israel gets 4 billion dollars a year from Tax dollars. Get all of the military equipment they want. Israel has the largest lobby group in Washington.
        Have you been in the cave with Bin Lauden or something even he knows the truth about the American public officials.
        I would like to hear the people in this country stop using the world Government so loosly and start using language that describes the real problem which is the elected officials. The government is the government which is supposed to represernt the people. The elected officials are a different and distince group of missfits who are all on the take and are driving the word U.S government into the ground on purpose. I believe on purpose as no one can be that stupid.
    • AS says:
      Good points again here… UK police says that Assange is in London… he might knock at my door to feed me with zio cables about Sarkozy being a good french and none moroccan-greek jew… french sefards in the government started to launch a wide hunt against him, it is part of the game but we can suspect that Assange will release in case his security is badly compromised some good stuff , well good fairy xmas story… shall I ask him to provide zio cables regarding 911… example the list of the passenger take took off on the 747 El Al flight from New York the 16th September 2001, when all planes were grounded… Due to the snow heathrow, gatwick, luton are all closed… he might take the eurostar though… or the boat from Dover… if he’s giving a press conf, I’ll go there and ask him in public !
  • Penumbra says:
    If I might venture to rephrase G’s point…
    How I read his statement is by parsing it into statements of fact not a single statement.
    Fact 1: The US IS a fascist dictatorship. To those who endeavor to familiarize themselves with political theory and then apply the same to what is apparent in the long-running behavior of Washington both at home and abroad, the veneer of “Representative Democracy” becomes so thin as to be transparently bogus.
    In essence, the US is a corporatist oligarchy (in simple terms dictatorship), not under a sole figure but a systemic monopoly of power resident beyond the offices of those regularly positioned and repositioned to provide it with a public face for maintenance of the “democratic” mantras fed to a largely clueless and inattentive populace. This is no less true in Europe as well.
    One could right volumes on the defining aspects of this dictatorship but I will leave off on that at this point for sake of brevity.
    Fact 2: “Bringing America’s Fascist dictatorship to its knees” IS the myth of the wikileaks narrative as promulgated by the compliant media propaganda mouthpieces.
    The fascist dictatorship, which as previously mentioned is SYSTEMIC, is not being brought to its knees, since it is not encapsulated in any one or even several “personages”. The “nation” (i.e. the populace) may well be ready to plummet over the precipice but this IS the design of the SYSTEM itself and, to tie in with your NWO confusion, a necessary precondition to the furtherance of the NWO agenda.
    Only by dismantling nation states can the SYSTEMIC agenda of greater geographic consolidation incrementally toward an eventual One World Governance framework, be achieved.
    One must adopt a longer range perception of the intention of seemingly momentary, compartmentalized events in order to “connect the dots” of the intentions of those at the top of the long running operation. Wikileaks is a catalyst as have been other methodolgies/mechanisms employed at other times in the past, like chapters of a seemingly endless novel spanning generations.
    those who think wikileaks are an end in themselves, an end as simple as revealing “the truth” of this or that government dealing or action, have fallen for the ruse before its real goal has even begun to come to fruition.
    One can look at it in this way: a house made of cards with only their backs showing. By all appearances you presume the cards are normal playing cards, but as I begin to pull selected cards from the structure and show them to you, you see they, for example, pornographic pictures on the face of them. If I am careful as to which cards I pull the structure can be kept from crumbling for some time but your perception of it will grow steadily more critical until I am either ready to dismantle it completely with the proper card pull or you out of lust tear into yourself.
    What you aren’t shown is that in the next room, I have a bigger house of cards already in waiting to replace the one destroyed.
    Wikileak is nothing but selected card pulls to elicit, as Jeff Gates so eloquently explains, predictable responses based on quantifiable patterns of behavior. In this case the models of behavior being manipulated are those of the general public and those of the political actors, who themselves are often only slightly less ignorant of the complete picture as are the general public.
    Soros, Rothschild, et al. operate at a level well beyond that of national governments, they are the ones who thrive off dichotomy and divide and rule tactics. If the wikileaks drama exacerbates those forces, they can only reap the dividends from the resulting clashes to be exploited.
    • Dan says:
      Excellent points on top of Gordon’s passionate expose of these bastards. What saddens me is that people in government domestic law enforcement agencies allow themselves to be silenced and manipulated when the sayanim in their midst are destroying their children’s futures right under their eyes, not to mention the country they love and serve. They know who the sayanim are, know what they’re doing, and meekly allow their work to be shelved by orders from sayanim at the top. As for the CIA, I’d be afraid to mention what I suspect their loyalties and agenda are.
      • The Rothschilds, et al, are agents of the Crown, and in turn it is the Crown that controls the CIA, SIS and Mossad, who in turn controls Wikileaks.
        The “Crown” is not really the British Royal Family, although they are a major part of it. The Crown as a corporate geopolitical entity represents all the major royal families of Europe, as well as the Imperial Family of Japan and several other factions world wide. The Rothschilds are just the most powerful front family of the Crown as they are so intermarried within European Royal Families, and are in the upper portion of the pyramid because of it. The two American “Royal” families, the Bushes and Clintons, are only second tier, along with Soros and Brzezinski, although the Bushes seem to enjoy the same level of protection from any criminal prosecution as Kissinger, so that might not be entirely accurate. Cheney and Rumsfeld are major facilitators in the second tier, and may enjoy the same level of protection as Kissinger, which right now should come to some relief to Cheney… ;-)
        Looking at how the secret services are really in the service of the Crown, you can draw a sort of flowchart rather much like this:
        The Crown
        |— Secret Intelligence Service – MI6, MI5, GCHQ, SOCA
        |— Central Intelligence Agency – ISI – Afghani / Pakistani Taliban
        |— Mossad – House of Saud, HAMAS (before they escaped their control), WikiLeaks, along with several other disparate groups.
        I hope this both answers some questions, and raises new ones.
    • Soap Box says:
      Well stated Pen!
    • OS says:
      I believe you are correct,
      Observed this coming for some time, information disappearing like the veteran’s database a few years ago, one of many pieces to this puzzle (was this also distributed to other countries?) I do agree with Gordon, that much of this wikileak information is propaganda (not directed to officials, but to global masses). Some of the meetings and deals observed globally suggest something is being planned, something big. I have an idea but can’t say, in this case the less likely maybe most probable. If an attempt was made to form the NWO, what army would be used for this in—ion? It would not be NATO. It reminds me of the high level business meetings held in Beijing a few years ago, and some business transitions observed as well.
      Many global elite are in agreement to the idea of slave labor states as being more profitable then democracies, and tried to make several attempts to provide some information. Sometimes the relationship between global officials is not in the interest of US people(s), so how does one present this information? It can’t be accomplished, when you observe officials serving multiple interest abroad that maybe destructive to the United States, the information is blocked and simply stopped. Because most investigators will not get involved today, tools were adapted to slowly eliminate those who interfere with global business agendas. The fuse is burning short and for some time.
      What’s troubling in the event of Iran is the possibility of United States being vulnerable to entrapment and invasion as suggested. I hope this is not correct, but something seems wrong here, very wrong here. Often you observe officials appearing to be against each other to create the illusion of opposing views, I assert the same happens when some high level officials travel abroad and condemn other countries for their actions while making back door deals with no benefit to our country. Most often in the interest of global elite, an illusion is created as maybe seen in the west. I’m suggesting that practices in the west are damaging to US people(s) but profitable to the elite, and such relationship can be useful in the future to protect one’s investment. I hope wrong.
      Years ago would travel in patrols at night, and this accomplished with night vision devices and illuminating tape attached to the back of patrol caps. You had to allot of trust in the person behind you, or anyone could approach you from the rear. So trust your vision forward, but pay attention to the rear, to the west, including Mexico and Alaska. So if my time is short, I hope to have enlightened some made aware to monitor the people behind you, “Do you really have this trust?”

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