Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flex Your Rights Video Shown in High School Leads to Suspensions for Teachers

Flex Your Rights Video Shown in High School Leads to Suspensions for Teachers

Originally posted on 02 June 2010 by Adam Mueller 
A Flex Your Rights video, Busted, along with some other materials handed out to students lead to the suspension of two teachers.  I can’t believe this has happened. If you’ve ever seen Busted you know of its educational value.  How can teachers, even teachers of state run schools, be suspended for showing and distributing material that highlights the constitution along with the bill of rights?

I think the one parent quoted in the story should of watched the video and read the material.  Maybe then she would have realized how her child misunderstood its content.  Flex Your Rights doesn’t show people how to hide your drugs, but rather how to stand up for your rights.  This parent missed a great opportunity to have a one on one with her daughter not only about drugs but also several other things like; what to do when confronted or questioned by police, victimless crimes, self ownership and personal responsibility.

Instead of using the peaceful, responsible, one on one with her daughter, solution this woman decided to call armed thugs to get what she feels is proper education for her child.  Smart move, now not only will your child not have any knowledge about their rights but neither will many others.  Brilliant.

Adam Mueller is a former member of the Motorhome Diaries.com and founder of Cop Block.org. He's an advocate for a voluntary society, one where people are free to live their lives so long as they don't initiate force on others.

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